How Do Freight Brokers Find Shippers?

How Do Freight Brokers Find Shippers

The lead generation is a complex and time-consuming task, but the good success of the business always hinges on identification of new prospects and alluring them for offers.

The utmost goal for a freight brokers is generating leads to convert into customers so the business will grow more. The more leads are there in the pipeline, the more prospects will be converted to customers and this just means more money.

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Do not mistake things

Most new to trucking business always make mistakes like having loads and relying just on load boards or jumping from one broker to another. Certain load boards help for getting started and they have low-paying loads. Most owners will say that jumping between brokers will never make the company grow for more trucking.

What clients are most wanted

Before there are searched high-paying loads, there has to be a definition of client wanted. A lot of owners skip this and think is not needed. A good load or good clients are always recognized. To know target clients gives good perspective on what is needed for finding them.

Focus is on large and established shippers, timely paying, good paid amount, with good reputation, regular loads and shipments matching lanes for driving.

Never is there a perfect client.

How are shippers found

First of all, referrals. Always ask customers for referrals. This is key for strong built relationships with customers. Always is done what is promised, and if something goes wrong, the mistake is admitted. A customer must never be lied for a late delivery.

Also, cold call potential customers that have relationship with current customers are crucial. Always are kept notes  for companies where loads are picked and delivered to current customers. Also, cold call random customers. When someone is out of contacts like above, then these customers are called.

Paid is attention to website leads and this depends on co-workers and this is not always someone’s control.

It is always best to focus on one or maximum shipper’s kinds only.

Be a conscious observer of brands

Look for strong economies, this is driven by companies selling things to consumers. All things for sale need transport. Before they are sold, they need advertising. These are designed for enticing people to get more products once truck transported. To get customers, look for company brands that make physical products customers.

Finding shippers

When a google search is active with names of companies’ results, from there you come up with ideas for research of companies and key contacts finding. By using numbers, such leads are even better connected. This demonstrates capability of performances.

Always is used a freight broker software for better professionality and also always are provided stats for timely delivery and percentages. Load coverage percentage and such key metrics are recommended too.

Looking for other shipping locations

Judgement is used widely here and wisely too, so not always is needed here for the contract to have some intro. Top freight brokers carefully track every step of the freight being moved.

Sometimes is shipped raw material or unfinished goods, and such items are into facilities and then exit like different form. The chances that these already exist for truckload are huge. Finding shippers depends on the relationship states with current customers. Also are applied some fact-finding conversation tactics for understanding if a referral to customers will be reached.

The access to referral of customer must be easy for others. A sell sheet must be ready at all times. For asking for intro, also sell sheet must be asked for too, and this is never the first version of it – but here it must be provided constructive feedback from customers of good relationships.

Finding well-paying shippers

Shippers are always FOUND. The best and tried way is getting clients  with help of industry associations and local chapters. This does not mean truck associations. These are those of industry that all ideal clients are at.

Every industry has an association, so focus on uncommon ones too. Then after that is time for selling. Always is determined how to select colleagues and final step is to be on the best lists.


Often are included $500 referral bonuses at e-mails. Sometimes too  many emails are sent to everyone, from already present and existing customers to even ice-cold prospects. For every email that is sent out, someone can get the chance to give back referral. With given info on current costs like money and time it may seem strange to have customers.

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