How to Become One of The Best Freight Brokers Around

How to Become One of The Best Freight Brokers Around

Quality is hard to deny, but sometimes you need a little extra push to get your name out there.

You will undoubtedly know that the freight industry is a competitive one, and one which is flooded with brokers all trying to vie for business.

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If you’re a freight broker, or even a budding freight broker, then you will probably already have run into just how competitive this business can be, and you will have had a glimpse at how hard you’re going to have to work, in order to make a success of your new business.

Whether you’re working for yourself on a freelance basis, starting up your own freight brokering business, or you’re working for a larger company, of course you want to be the best you can be, and becoming one of the best freight brokers takes time, effort, and a lot of know-how.

Let’s explore a few ways that will help you stay ahead of the competition, and therefore ahead of the game.

Research until you can research no more!

You can never know too much in this business, because the regulations and rules are always changing, and you can never learn enough either. Online sources will be your guide here, but it’s important to check out the most reputable ones, the ones which have the most up to date guidelines available.

Freight Broker Bootcamp is a great option for anyone who is in this business, whether starting out, in the middle of their career journey, or somewhere towards the end, because there is always new information available. On top of this, books, speaking to colleagues, training courses, these are all ways you can keep learning, and keep developing your skills and your job.

Continually recheck your marketing strategy

Just because you had a good strategy at the beginning, doesn’t mean you have a great strategy a month or two later. We mentioned that things are always shifting and changing in this industry, and that means that your marketing strategy has to do the same thing.

Always check your target audience is the one you are pushing towards, and the one you are catering towards. Could you do more to get extra supplier contracts? Could you network more for your transportation company list?

Are there any events which you could go to, which could help you direct your marketing in a more efficient way? Always ask yourself these questions, and if you find a way in, follow it and see where it leads.

Always be professional, polite, and humble

This goes without saying surely, but one of the key tactics in dealing with people is to be polite at all times, professional at all times, and to avoid arrogance by being humble.

Whenever you speak to a supplier, do whatever you can; whenever you speak to a transportation company, be professional and polite, whenever you call to confirm a pick up, remember manners – these small things work wonders!

On top of this, whenever you’re dealing with a problem, which is certain to happen at some point, remember to keep your cool – nothing blows your top broker strategy quicker than becoming flustered and stressed in front of client or supplier.

These three points might seem very obvious, but the most obvious points are often the most important! Learning never stops, especially in a fast moving business, and one which is so competitive too.

Remember to head to Freight Broker Bootcamp to keep refreshing your knowledge and keeping updated with everything that happens in the industry, and never be afraid to ask questions, because this is how we learn.

Networking in the freight industry can be difficult, because an industry that is so competitive can sometimes be closed off, but being clever with the events you attend and the way you reach out to people can really yield results.

For instance, when you’re driving around, if you see a freight truck with a company name on the side, and you like the way the truck is driving, perhaps it looks professional and high quality, take a note of that number and call them on Monday morning, to see if you can set up a meeting and sell your services.

It’s about taking your opportunities when they come your way, and also forcing opportunities to happen by thinking a little outside the box too. You might call that company and it comes to nothing, but on the other hand, you might call them, have a good conversation, and have another client to add to your list.

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