Looking For A Career Change?

Looking For A Career Change

Why Freight Broker Jobs Could be Just For You!

We all get a little tired of our regular job from time to time; it’s totally normal to feel stuck, or to even crave a new challenge, but how many of us actually act on that desire?

Not that many!

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The problem there is that you could be stuck in a job which you don’t enjoy, when you could be carving out a new career in a totally different niche, one which gives you the boost of energy and fun you need, whilst also being a very lucrative change at the same time.

There are countless jobs you could do, but there is one particular industry which is a very steady and strong one to choose – freight or cargo.

Everyone uses cargo or freight services at least once a year, generally speaking. That wardrobe you had delivered from the Internet? That was done via a cargo or freight service. That bed you ordered from the city a couple of hours away? Again, that was done via a freight or cargo service.

If you order anything, it leaves the supplier and it is delivered to you via a van/truck, and the people who organise all of that are called freight brokers. For a thorough overview of what a freight broker is, check out Freight Broker Bootcamp, but below we are going to give you a quick overview, just for general information.

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is a go-between, someone who liaises between the people selling the goods (i.e. the bed specialists or the store you bought the sofa from), and the people who do the delivering.

Big-named stores have their own delivery people, but many also use the outside sources of freight companies, especially during busy times, to ensure that they don’t miss delivery targets, and upset their customers.

A freight broker takes the information from the supplier, e.g. the person selling the goods, and they coordinate it with their delivery people, ensuring that delivery is done on time, correctly, and to a high standard.

Where do they make their money? Commission. Freight brokers earn a fee from this liaison process, and it can be quite high in the big deals, especially if international shipping is involved.

Are Freight Broker Jobs For You?

If you enjoy problem solving, organising plans, and ensuring that things run smoothly, as well as networking and speaking to many different people on a day to day basis, then the position of a freight broker could be the ideal career move for you.

You can either create your own freight broker service, or you can work for a company, but the general jist and workings of your job will be the same.

Yes, it can get difficult sometimes, when jobs are missed due to bad weather, or a problem with the supplier or the freight company, but that is when your problem solving and customer service skills will come to the fore.

If you want to earn that commission slice from the deal, then it is your job to ensure that the whole transaction runs as smoothly as possible, for all concerned.

If you are thinking of setting up your own business as a freight broker, of course you need to look at a lot of other areas, rather than just how to do the job.

You need to know where you’re going to work from, you need to have the basic office equipment, and you need to network, in order to get the contacts, otherwise your business is never going to make it off the ground.

Again, online sources are the way forward here, with Freight Broker Bootcamp giving you plentiful information on where to get started, how the whole process works, and a place to ask for help and advice.

Starting any business requires capital, research, and again it requires contacts, so perhaps it’s best to start slowly and work your way up.

You could look for regular jobs with a company who offer freight brokering services, or you could work as an agent; this is someone who works with the broker, but doesn’t need to do any of the financial side of things. This means you can learn on the job, and really see if this is a business you’d like to work up to creating for yourself in the future.

One thing is for sure, the freight industry is not showing any signs of disappearing in the near or distant future, so perhaps this is one career change that is a sure bet?

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